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2019 Northwestern Fur Trappers Annual Convention

March 1-2 come on out and join us for our convention. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us and the fur trade. 

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Trapping of furbearing animals is one of the oldest activities in Ontario. Commercial trapping dates back to the 16th century, with the arrival of European explorers and settlers. Long before that, trapping was a way of life for many aboriginal peoples.

Today, trapping remains a socially and economically important activity for many people in Ontario. The province is considered one of the world’s leading suppliers of wild fur. Trapping also plays an important role in current wildlife management.

Renewable Resource

If managed wisely, wildlife is a renewable resource that can replenish itself. Sound management practices, along with humane trapping, can ensure healthy wildlife populations and habitat. These practices can also ensure long-term social and economic benefits, particularly in remote northern communities.

Our Mission Statement

  • To Educate (ex: trapping, laws, animals, etc)
  • To Conserve (ex: Benefits of trapping, “ green” factor)
  • To Protect (ex: Using green techniques to support our cabins ie: solar power, marten nesting boxes to promote habitat, etc.)

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Trapping is our Heritage and Future

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